Text Notification Service

This library has added mobile phone text to already existing e-mail notifications in order to remind this School's faculty and students and help them return library materials on time. If you require this service, please enter the following information to sign up.

Service Sign Up/ Disable/ Search

Library Patron Account:
Library Patron Password:
Account and Password
  1. For faculty and students, the account name and password are the same as for the school administration system. If you need to change your password, sign into Administration System .| I forgot my password .
  2. Account and password are the same as for the library search and borrowing record system for alumni, retired faculty/staff, continuing education master's and short-term course students, and organizations with which this university has interlibrary loan agreements. Please go to Library Borrowing Record System when signing in for the first time. Change your password before applying for text notification service.

People for whom this service is intended:

This School's library patrons.

Types of Service:

Notification of coming due date, notification of overdue materials, notification of reserved material arrival.


  • Notification Service is completely free.
  • Each library patron may only sign up to have notifications sent to 1 mobile phone number. If you need to change the number to which notification is sent, sign on and enter the new number before enabling.
  • Notification texts will start being sent to the new number one day after the number is enabled.
  • Text notification service will be cancelled when you leave school. You must register once again for this service if you still require it.
  • Mobile phone text service is only one means of notification and should not be solely relied upon. Even if you have a library mobile phone text service subscription, you are still responsible for being aware of borrowed library material due dates in order to avoid fines.
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